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Kent Ninomiya "Sex Scandal"

If you performed a Google search of my name and saw some postings linking my name to a “sex scandal,” then you have seen an example of how the Internet can make something of nothing and drag a name through the mud.

Those who know me find these posts hilarious because I am the least likely person to be linked to something like that. It is not that I am a stranger to having unflattering things written about me. I was a television news anchor/reporter for more than 20 years and went on to become a lawyer handling social media conflicts. People post nasty things about me all the time. While most come and go, the ones exclaiming that I was involved in a supposed “sex scandal” have remained on Google for more than a decade. Why? Because that’s the kind of thing people clicking around the Internet like to read about.

The funny thing is, if those people bothered to look at the facts instead of just the salacious headline, they would see what actually happened. All of these facts are confirmable and part of public record.

About 10 years ago I testified, at the prosecutor’s request, in the DUI trial of an 18 year old woman. She worked at the same television station where I worked, and I happened to see her earlier in the evening she was arrested. This woman’s defense argument was that she had to drive drunk because me and a female, who also worked at the station, got drunk together and that she fled in her car because she believed that me and the female were trying to have sex with her.

This story is ridiculous for many reasons. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t drink alcohol at all. This woman claimed we were out drinking at a public event sponsored by the television station where I was the main anchor. If I was there, somebody would have noticed me and seen me drinking. I was never there and I never drink. I barely knew the woman and, as far as I know, the female she accused is not a lesbian. Nobody harassed her in any way in the few minutes I saw her that night. The woman claimed she was fleeing for her life, yet she never called the police despite the fact that she had a cell phone. She drove several miles while drunk, passing a police station without stopping then crashing into two parked cars before hiding in a parking garage where police eventually found her.  

Other than my testimony, I don’t know what happened in her trial. Somehow she beat the charge and a very factual article appeared in the local newspaper the next day. Well, as soon as the word got out that my name was associated with this story, the tabloids went nuts. A gossip columnist from a city where I used to work twisted the story to make it appear scandalous as if she uncovered some juicy scoop. Broadcasting bulletin boards on the Internet lit up. People I barely knew or didn’t know at all started piling on. In the weeks that followed I realized who my real friends were and who were just pretending to be. Real friends are those who believe what they know, not the gossip they hear. Fake friends are eager to repeat juicy gossip without bothering to find out if it is true. After a few weeks of this nonsense, the mindless chit chat faded away. However the Internet is forever and those links remain because of their brief popularity.

I wouldn’t care about any of this if not for the occasional weak minded fool who points to an Internet headline and claims it is proof of something. For them I point to these verifiable facts. The police and prosecutors investigated this woman’s accusations and did not charge me with anything. In fact, they asked me to testify for the prosecution against her. I have never been convicted of any crime, never been charged with any crime, and never been arrested for any crime. I have had a few traffic tickets, but that is it. I have been the subject of numerous extensive background checks by employers, schools, organizations that work with children, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and the State Bar of Texas. I passed every background check and none of these entities ever suggested that I did anything wrong. I am currently a licensed attorney in Texas with a spotless ethics record and many happy clients.

There are still those who will do a Google search and point to a link as “proof” that I am a criminal or a pervert. They are the same types of people who believe President Obama is a Muslim terrorist born in Kenya or that the Moon landing was staged. No amount of facts or truth will change their minds because people believe what they want to believe. That’s fine. I always tell my clients that you can’t do anything about those people, so don’t waste your time trying to change their minds. Focus on the intelligent and reasonable people who care about the truth and make an effort to figure out what that is.

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